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Paradise in Caribbean Island

Paradise in Caribbean IslandHave you ever thought of escaping your exhausting daily life routine? Thinking of fleeing from the arduous traffic of the same responsibilities every day? Imagining being in an astonishing place together with your precious family? Envisioning that you are running over a Powder White Beach, Swimming or Diving in inviting Turquoise Water, looking up onto Clear Blue Caribbean Skies and looking over to see Lovely Whales, Charming Dolphins and Lively Ospreys? Then you can now stop visualizing!

Greatest place time forgot...

It's already at hand! Come with us to our remote, safe Caribbean Island Photoand Peaceful Place which is Full of History. Occupied with amusing variety of Birds, Marvellous Aquatic lLife, promising wonders of nature and a lot more to see, discover and experience. Yes! It is truly an unforgettable enchanting place to stay where you can merely do nothing at all but be totally be stress-free. It may sound too far, but it's so easy to get here. It's just an hour travel from Miami and a very short trip on a puddle jumper to Salt Cay.

Have you ever been to a place of true peace, where all your burdens, difficulties and problems vanished? Well, there are lots of lands all over the world most likely to claim themselves as an islands time forgot. Yes, there were, but Salt Cay is the top promising place that can be truly described as a place time forgot. You will be magnetized by the great captivating creations which truly occupy your whole attention. The only traffic blockages you will come across are Donkeys and Cows, interrupted by the occasional Flamingo or Hummingbird, all being observed by the magnificent Osprey who nests here all year round.

In addition, as if that wasn't enough, we are right on the voyage trail of the extraordinary Humpback Whales who make their way to the Silver Banks for their winter breeding. At Mount Pleasant you do not have to get wet in order to hear them! We have hydrophones on our Whale Watching Deck, so you can Unwind and Relax looking over the vast Turquoise Ocean whilst adoring a truly irreplaceable and unique experience - the amiable Song of the Playful Whales.

Mount Pleasant, the name itself describes how pleasing and welcoming our place is. Mount Pleasant is a Historic Property in the heart of Salt Cay, which has been restored and renovated to build a very Comfortable, Rustic and Caribbean Style Hotel where you and your family can Relax, Unwind, be totally Safe and let everything go from the regular hassle and stress of urban life.

Our rooms are planned and premeditated in true Caribbean Style, but still providing all the amenities of a 4 Star Hotel. Everyone who visits us is treated like family, once you experience Salt Cay you will want to return and experience the momentous break again and again…

Easy way to get here...

Salt Cay Photo All it takes is a very short trip from Miami to Providenciales, and after that, a puddle jumper to the Tiny Island of Salt Cay which is only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. Everything on Salt Cay is close to everything else so a buggy is a great way to explore and discover this delightful little island, beach comb for sea glass or bottles, stroll on totally deserted undeveloped beaches, play over warm and Fascinating Turquoise Waters and Colourful Coral Reefs, feast your eyes on the Amazing Scenery, Snorkel and get a glimpse of the thriving Sea Life or enjoy a Relaxing Cool Drink whilst looking out for that elusive Green Flash on the Sunset Sky. On Salt Cay we even have our very own White House! Everything is well prepared for your Relaxation so leave the uncertainties and worries behind, bring a book or two and be ready for a Fresh Relaxing Momentous Experience.